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Cyber game

Cyber game

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Automatic Male Masturbator with 10 thrusting vibrations.

Become the master of your own pleasure with the Automatic Male Masturbator Joystick! Enjoy unprecedented control when exploring your intimate desires, with swift and precise motions that will leave you feeling satisfied. Experience an entirely new level of pleasure and challenge yourself to reach new heights.

10 Thrusting & Vibration Modes: This Automatic Male Masturbator Joystick offers 10 powerful vibrating patterns designed to boost your libido. It's uniquely engineered to provide intense thrusting and vibrating sensations that drive your senses to the max and leave you shivering with pleasure. Feel the release deep inside, as your muscles tense and contract.

Temperature warming: Experience the heightened pleasure of a real-life encounter with the Automatic Male Masturbator Joystick! Enjoy the sensation of warmth wrapping your penis comfortably for a more realistic experience. Feel the natural touch, warmth, pulsing, and surges for an incredibly lifelike experience.

Phone Holder to Free Your Hands: This male masturbator joystick is the ultimate way to experience solo pleasure. Enjoy the convenience of hands-free pleasure with the phone holder. Engage your imagination with the transparent window, and find the perfect angle with the adjustable arms. Take your pleasure to the next level with this automatic stroker.

Premium Soft Material

USB Charging

The best hands-free experience

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