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Blowjob Masturbator Stroker

Blowjob Masturbator Stroker

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Oral Pleasure Masturbator Training

The 3 in 1 masturbator will give you new sensation to experience. It’s tight feeling and easy to hold masturbator will make the job much more easier and satisfying.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: This toy was design to satisfy your oral pleasure. This masturbator has double enchanted glands that will give unprecedented stimulation.

Portable Anywhere: With it’s sleek design and small size, you can take carry it anywhere.

Built In Special Spiral Stripes: Just the tight friction will enchant your pleasure to new heights.

Dual Penetration: Inbuilt double side penetration with 2 sides of spirals for different feeling adjustment. Perfect for white boys who are sensitive.

> Material: TPE+ABS

> Size: 3*4.5 inch

> Discreet Packaging: As always, your package will be anonymous and no one will know what's inside!


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